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Vollmond Natural Icecream

Vollmond Natural Icecream is an exotic blend of natural fruit and milk with more than 25 flavuor which itself give imperial taste of real natural icecream.

Mond Areebian Icecream

Mee Mee Frozen Dessert

Mee Mee Frozen Dessert has more than 20 veriety of products. which give the most memorble creamery enrichment

Elaneer Kool

without any introduction we can say that Elaneer Kool is an exotic traditional taste of experience. it is prepared from natural tender coconut by following various filtertion and purification process.

Mond Areebian Club soda

Vollmond Natural Wash

we consume rice fruits ,vegetables, meat and fish, dryfruits etc in our daily life. but it contain the harmfull pesticide which adversily effect our health, there is no natural process to completely remove the pesticide from the daily consumables until the finding of vollmond natural wash. pesticide can be removed by using our organic natural wash. it is manufactured using the traditional processing method along with the key content vinegar and tamarind and other foodgrade item.

Vollmond Natural Vinegar

Vollmond Natural Vinegar is a special vinegar which is processed from tender cocunut. it is manufctured from 14 day old 'Elneer Kool' along with fermentation process.

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